It’s A Perfect Time to Thank Your Team Supporters

Author: Jen Franklin Kearns, ds-connex team member

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us, and many of us have turned our thoughts to identifying the things in our lives for which we’re most grateful. While practicing gratitude should be high on our list of priorities all year long, it’s especially prominent in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

Team Captains, it’s important to thank the team members and donors who were part of your fundraising and awareness efforts in 2019.

Team Alex Thank You

There are so many reasons to be thankful for those who participated with your team, in one way or another, this year. They may have assisted with fundraisers, walked with your team, secured a sponsorship, volunteered at the event, or shared your social media posts. Each of these actions can generate a sizable impact for not only your team, but also your Down syndrome organization.

No matter how they showed their support, your team members and donors showed up for your loved one with Down syndrome, and they should be properly recognized.

There are many ways to thank your team members and donors, but the most important element is sincerely expressing your appreciation. You could send a photo with a handwritten note, write a thoughtful email, or create a Facebook post (remembering that not everyone uses social media, it’s best to do this in addition to the notes!). Letting them know the ways their support with benefit the Down syndrome community is also important!

Events using our Stride fundraising platform offer their team captains an advantage in that their team and donor rosters are available on their event site, and these rosters include mailing and email addresses, making it very easy to send out a thank you note. Our free app, Team Snapshot, even offers the option of sending an email right from your mobile device! With these resources, acknowledging the support of family, friends, and coworkers can be quick and easy.

Ds-connex partner GRADSA encourages their team captains to stay in touch with their teams’ supporters all year, sending updates and photos of their loved ones with Down syndrome. Posting updates to social media accounts dedicated to your team is another great way to stay engaged with your supporters. Building a strong connection is important in securing support for your future fundraising and awareness endeavors. These efforts will also serve as a way to keep your supporters informed on all the amazing accomplishments your loved one with Down syndrome achieves throughout the year!

No matter how you choose to recognize those who contributed to your fundraising and awareness initiatives in 2019, it’s an important task to complete before we turn our sights to 2020.

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