Our Inspiration

We became aware of the challenges facing parents of individuals with Down syndrome because our nephew Daniel has Down syndrome.  Daniel is now 21 years old and he attends a special needs class at the local high school.  He is special to our family not because of what he can’t do, but for all the ways he makes life special.   Daniel loves music especially when we sing happy birthday.   Daniel is always smiling and clapping for everyone’s birthday and he is willing to help blow out the birthday candles for anyone who will let him.

Through Daniel’s mom we have seen the need for Daniel and all children with Down syndrome to have a voice.  As Daniel progresses through the school system and life she is there to advocate for him.   Without her tireless efforts to address what Daniel needs, we do not think he would receive the life skills that are so important.


All children with Down syndrome deserve to have a voice and local Down syndrome chapters are there to help.  We believe by providing the tools and enhanced community collaboration we can increase donations for local programs and give kids like Daniel a bigger voice.

Our family foundation, The Wells Foundation, created and funded ds-connex to empower the Down syndrome community.   We support a Shared Vision of Community, Outreach and Fundraising. Together we can learn from each other, maximize our social media power and ultimately improve the lives of those in the Down syndrome community. We developed a professional, customized fundraising solution to level the playing field for all event organizers to increase participation and their donations.

Tony & Dana Wells