A New Year; A New Walk Season Begins

Welcome 2016

Author: Emily Denholm, ds-connex team member

2016 is officially here! A new year means another new walk season is upon us. We took the opportunity to asked Down syndrome organizations, “What is your walk New Year’s Resolution this year?”

Here’s what they said:

  • “In 2016 we plan to start earlier, like in February or March for planning Buddy Walk®. We also plan to have a more specific list of exact to-dos for all volunteers.” – DSFSENM
  • “We want to add more kid’s activities…that was huge fun for our families.” –Beckley Buddy Walk®
  • “We plan to start promoting the event to sponsors even earlier in hopes of getting some bigger sponsors…and giving more time for team captains to form teams and fundraise.” – TCDSAG
  • “Focus more on teams. Engage team captains, better plan and execute incentives.” – GRADSA
  • “We want to have a workshop at the end of the spring to help families set up teams. We figure if we have a social event and invite our families, then we will be able to walk them through the team set-up [online].” – MTDSA
  • “We would like to use the walk as a vehicle to raise awareness [on Down syndrome].” – CDSC
  • “We will definitely start [to] promote the event earlier in the year.” – DSNWV
  • “We want to have fundraisers year-long so we aren’t just relying on donations.” – GSDSS
  • DSAA plans to have on-site walk check-in via iPads. “Getting this up and running for 2016 will make a huge difference in wait time and in tracking attendance, gathering names for future marketing, etc.”
  • “We want to have more PR [regarding the walk] and start earlier with our promotion.” – AKNDSC

It’s only the first week of January and there are already so many great walk ideas being generated. Here’s to making 2016 a record-breaking walk fundraising year for the Down syndrome community!

Happy New Year!

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