Stride is a fundraising solution funded by the Tony R. Wells Foundation and in collaboration with GroundWork group and the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio. At ds-connex, we believe a combination of social media engagement, a collaborative community, and a customized fundraising solution developed specifically for Down syndrome organizations, can increase the national fundraising total from $12 million to over $40 million per year in the next five years.

In 2009, the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio hired GroundWork group, a local non-profit technology company, to design an online team fundraising system to support their local Buddy Walk® event. As a result, donations increased from less than $200,000 to $350,000 in just four years. Currently only about half of the locations hosting Buddy Walk® events use an online fundraising system, and an even smaller number enable team raising capabilities within these systems and engage in social media.

It is not our goal to disrupt your relationship with your current provider but to offer a cost effective solution that all locations can afford. Each year, the foundation has pledged $40,000 for additional enhancements to Stride based on the community feedback. The Buddy Walk® event is a unique experience supported by caring and passionate families. The fundraising system used by your participants and donors should represent the same qualities.